While there's no photos yet, Kevin Smith has filed his first report from the set of Zack and Miri Make a Porno. The film, Smith's eighth, will begin shooting on Wednesday, and so far they've gone through two days of rehearsals with a bunch of the cast. According to Smith, they still need to do camera tests (today) and then location rehearsing next Tuesday before cameras officially roll. In the film, Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks star as two lifelong friends who, strapped for cash, decide to make a porno. Once they start to get their feet wet, however, both begin to realize they may have "like, like" feelings for one another. As far as other cast members go, IMDb lists Smith regular Jason Mewes, as well as another regular Jeff Anderson and comedian Jim Norton (who's rumored). Honestly, if there's porn involved, Norton needs to make an appearance. I truly hope that rumor is true.

Smith fans should find plenty of good stuff in this first report. In it, he compares rehearsals on Zack and Miri to each one of his films; how much prep work went into, say, Clerks versus Clerks 2 versus Chasing Amy versus Dogma versus all the other ones. On whether Smith feels Rogen and Banks are good for their respective roles, he notes: "Rogen and Banks are genius together (and apart - which, in the flick, is extremely rare): hilarious and rather sweet and touching when called for. The roles fit them like gloves. Shit, better than gloves: the roles fit them like condoms. Like custom-made condoms, even." Scope out his first report over here; Zack and Miri Make a Porno will hopefully hit theaters at some point later this year.

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