I'm thinking this will be my last official post on Cloverfield. I've decided not to review the film, and after all the stuff that's hit the net today, there's really nothing else left to say. That photo above is one of 25 Paramount has released online, none of which feature the actual monster (which is the only thing we haven't see from this movie yet). But it's okay, because even though they haven't released a photo of the monster, someone leaked the film's production notes online and they pretty much describe the monster, the film, the plot -- EVERYTHING -- in fine detail. Aside from the 25 production photos and production notes, you also have the option to watch a few more TV clips, as well as the already-released trailers.

Can I just ask ... what's left? Seriously. What's left to know? I mean, the production notes? (In case you were wondering, production notes are little booklets handed out to the press prior to press screenings, and they include all sorts of junk: plot, interviews, behind the scenes info, etc ... ) Anyway, feel free to head on over to Coming Soon to check out all of what I've explained above. And if you want to attempt to go into this film fresh, do yourself a favor and stay away from the production notes. They will spoil it for you. Cloverfield (oh how I'll miss writing that title) arrives in theaters next Friday, January 18.

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