It had BIG FLOP written all over it, or so we thought. Defying the expectations of many, Alvin & the Chipmunks has been kicking all sorts of cinematic ass. It's brought in almost a few hundred million at the box office, and has taken the top spot of all time as far as talking animal/live-action cartoon flicks go. Of course, that means a sequel is on its way, and it looks like the Chipmunks might get some ladies to delight in -- the Chipettes.

MTV recently talked with those associated with the film, and the Chipettes seem to be all the current rage. Producer Janice Karman says: "There has been a lot of talk about it. A lot of people have been asking about the little girls." And here I thought they were the shark jumpers of the nut-nibbling world. Apparently, they have quite the love/hate following -- some think they're an icon to little female tykes, and others think they're the Ewoks of this franchise.

But how would they fit into the story? Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. says: "We just want to take the chipmunks where no other chipmunk has ever gone before." Space? If Justin Long, who voiced Alvin, or Matthew Gray Gubler (Simon) have anything to say about that, I imagine the sequel won't be a family movie -- both commented on their hotness and anatomy. Whatever happens, I'm sure you can expect some strategically-placed clothing, but either way, the Chipmunks are here to stay -- at least for a few more rounds of money making. What say you? Would you like a CG-dose of Chipettes?
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