Rebels on the big screen are nothing new. There's the bullies, the partiers, the ones without a cause. They're all over the place -- especially the kids that get kicked out of every school they are placed in because they are just so darned bad. Usually, something happens to throw a big wrench in things. For a certain Culkin in Igby Goes Down, it meant escaping from military school and sexin' up some older ladies. But with each step, there's always the well-meaning school trying to steer these bad kids on the right path.

But not anymore! Variety reports that producer David Matalon has optioned the rights to a book called School for Scumbags -- penned by British author Danny King. In King's world, there's a troublemaker called Wayne Banstead who keeps getting expelled from schools until he gets sent to a reform school called the Gafin School for "misdirected teens." Like any school for baddies, there's thieves, bullies, arsonists, and even... flashers. (Are there really lots of teen flashers out there?) The twist -- the educational institution is run by thieves who teach them how to get away with their crimes. Considering King's past, this plot direction isn't terribly surprising -- the almost 40-year-old has had many jobs over his life, including editor of a porn mag and a burglar. Watch out, Trinian's! Gafin School for Hoodlums is coming!
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