Last year, Jessica was keeping us up-to-date on the beginning morsels of the Solomon Kane project. First, James Purefoysigned on to star, and then a poster was released, although the rest of the cast had yet to be named. Finally, Empire has reported on the growing cast, which is one hell of a great collection of character actors. Production is about to begin, and these are the guys and gals that will be joining Purefoy on the big screen -- Pete Postlethwaite (The Omen), Max von Sydow (The Diving Bell and the Butterfly), Rachel Hurd-Wood (Perfume), Alice Krige (Star Trek: First Contact), and Mackenzie Crook (the one-eyed dude from Pirates of the Caribbean).

This project is planned to be the first of three films, and with more of these guys to come, here's who they will play -- von Sydow will play Kane's father, Hurd-Wood will play Meredith, Kridge will play Meredith's mother, Postlethwaite will take on the role of her dad, and finally Crook will play Father Michael. Solomon Kane is about, believe it or not, a somber Puritan who travels the world and saves it from all forms of evil. I wonder how Robert E. Howard came up with that. Puritans aren't the sort of people that usually bring to mind heroism. Anyway... Production begins really soon in Prague, with Michael J. Bassett (Deathwatch) directing.
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