We haven't posted one of these Speechless videos in awhile, but I came across Zach Braff's video today over at Deadline Hollywood and it made me laugh. It might not make you laugh; you might hate Zach Braff. Hate is a strong word, actually -- you might dislike the fellow. But it made me laugh. And I'm going to take a chance and hope at least three of you laugh as well. Actually, all I need is one other person to laugh and it'll be worth it. Even if 70 of you don't laugh, I'll feel good about that one person laughing. It will brighten up my day. In case you forgot, these videos were conceived of by writer-director George Hickenlooper and writer Alan Sereboff. Each vid features a SAG actor, and they're supposed to suport the concept that without writers, there would be no movies or TV shows or fun in the universe. So watch Braff's video up top, then head beyond the jump for another video and an extra special surprise!