Here's the first round of casting bites for the weekend, all courtesy of Variety:
  • The name Don Wallace might not be on the tip of tongues yet, even though he's got a lot of flicks under his belt from bit parts in Die Hard: With a Vengeance to larger parts in films like Fighting Tommy Riley. However, that might change with Blue, a new indie film that he wrote and is acting in. The feature, which is now shooting in New York City, stars Keith David and looks to be some sort of fighting movie. There's no synopsis floating around, but there are two catch-phrases -- "Fight or Die" and "Redemption at any cost." So basically, it sounds like your typical fight movie.
  • Ashley Edner, meanwhile, is getting herself some pretty high-profile gigs. After acting in a slew of TV shows, voicing roles in flicks like Monsters, Inc., and popping up in House of Sand and Fog, she's grabbed herself a supporting role and lead role. She's starring in The Science of Cool, but she's also got a part in Foreign Exchange -- a gig that will have her on the same screen with the epic actor likes of Clint Howard and Curtis Armstrong. The movie is about some high school friends who have a set plan for their senior year, one that includes housing foreign exchange students. However, each is challenged with bumps in the road to college.
  • Finally Liza Lapira is the next bit of talent to join the cast of Repossession Mambo -- the genetic repossession film that does not have song and dance. If you remember, the film stars Forest Whitaker and Jude Law. Liza's role in this affair -- she is the "hip anesthesiologist." She must be pretty hip if it's worthy a place in her role title. I wonder what makes her hip? Does she have syringes with pretty colors that she calls her friends? Can she kick zombie butt with a broken hand?
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