There's two more casting nibbles to go, again, courtesy of Variety:
  • First up -- Magda's back! It seems that Lynn Cohen is the latest cast member to join D.J. Caruso's next Shia LaBeouf film, Eagle Eye. She will play Shia's landlady. This is old hat for Cohen. You might remember that she played Magda on Sex and the City -- the religious housekeeper who tried to set Miranda on the path toward familial happiness and ended up becoming an extra member of the family herself. On the cinematic side of things, she's also appeared in films like The Hottest State and I Shot Andy Warhol, and as iconic historical figures like Golda Meir in Munich and Leni Riefenstahl in The Last Days of Leni Riefenstahl. Next up, of course, is Sex and the City: The Movie.
  • Finally, we've got Antoni Corone. He's often some arm of the law and civilized society -- he's played a corrections officer, a sergeant, a green beret, a cop, security, a detective, a police chief, FBI, and even more over the last twenty years. Continuing with tradition, he's nabbed himself a gig in Paul Greengrass' Imperial Life in the Emerald City -- the Matt Damon movie about a Washington Post journalist's war chronicle. He will play a colonel in Baghdad's Green Zone, which has already begun production in Spain. You can check out previous reports on the film here and here.
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