Yesterday, I told you I wouldn't be writing anything more on Cloverfield. Well, I lied. Gotcha! It was a twist ending! I bet you never saw it coming, huh? Actually, I'll admit, at the time I wasn't lying. I sincerely planned on not writing anything more about Cloverfield because, nothing at all against the film (which I plan to see and hope to enjoy), but I'm just spent, dude. Too much hype. Too much Cloverfield. But then I read this review from AICN chief Harry Knowles and, well, I thought it'd be fun if we played a game. We'll get to the game in a minute, but first a cautionary warning: With huge, fanboy-ish films like this one, sometimes they'll bring in Knowles to see it before anyone else. Why? Well, because they're almost guaranteed a nice, pretty quote to throw on future marketing materials, like those commercials that air the week of or the week after the film is released.

That said, now it's your turn to help Paramount pick which Knowles quote to use in future Cloverfield commercials. (Note: For all we know, Knowles' review could be spot on. But some of the quotes in there were just too hilarious to ignore.)

UPDATE: Jeff Wells from Hollywood Elsewhere has written what has to be my favorite quote so far in his mini review of Cloverfield: "It is Guillermo del Toro on a tab of brown acid with a little crack thrown in."

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