Welcome to another edition of Insert Caption, where you write a funny caption and we give stuff away! Lots to get to today, so let's jump right in: First off, we can finally announce the winner of our Perfect Holiday vacation giveaway! One lucky grand prize winner wrote a caption that stood out from the rest, and as such they were awarded a sweeet four day, three night trip to San Diego, California. A huge congrats goes out to Michael R. for coming out on top with the following caption:

1. "Gee, when they say you shouldn't look directly into the sun I had no idea it was because it was so damn sexy." -- Michael R.

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Next up, we have the winners from our One Missed Call caption contest from last week. We scoured through entries chock-full of pizza deliveries gone wrong and bad cellphone service (repressed memories, anyone) to come up with three captions that totally answered the call.

1. "Well actually there is an Amanda Hugnkiss here, just one second." -- Michael R.

2. "Pepperoni! I said pepperoni!!!" -- Jake S.

3. "Herpes? Really? Wish you had called about 25 minutes ago." -- Slappy White

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And now for this week's caption contest, we're checking in with the ladies (Katie Holmes, Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton) from the upcoming crime comedy Mad Money. While I wish we could give out "mad" money to you fine folks, let it be known that the following prizes are worth a lot more than any giant bag of cash ... because they come from the heart. Yes, they do. This week, one grand prize winner will receive a prize package that includes a Mad Money cleaning kit containing the following Method cleaning products: dish soap, hand soap, air freshener, floor cleaner, aroma pill and trash can, one Mad Money poster and one Mad Money Master Lock ... to keep folks away from all the mad junk you've got hidden in your closet. Additionally, two runner-ups will take home a Mad Money poster and a Mad Money Master Lock. Sound off below!

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