They say Hollywood is for the hunks, but I don't believe it. For every hunk out there, you can find a gaggle of guys who get the hot girls no matter how unsexy they look. It's just the way of the biz -- a totally one-way improvement over high school misfortune. The creepy dudes get the girls, as do the cute geeks, the brow-raising nerds, and just about everyone else in between. We still have to wait for the cute guys to even go for a normal-looking girl, let alone one that could be deemed less attractive with any regularity, but in the meantime, we will get to watch Jack Black get not one, but two cuties in the upcoming biblical comedy, Year One.

In December I posted about lady #1 -- June Raphael. As Maya, she's set to get action from two men in her village, one of them being Black. Now Variety reports that Olivia Wilde gets to go a step further and be the female lead opposite Jack. She'll play Princess Inanna, who is also Black's love interest. Biblical Black gets around! You've probably seen Wilde* before. She's popped up on House M.D. and The Black Donnellys, and she's also been in flicks like Turistas, Conversations with Other Women, and The Girl Next Door. Production is currently underway in New Mexico and Louisiana, so hopefully we'll actually get some solid info about the plot soon, other than who everyone is playing.

In the meantime, what's your favorite cinematic pairing between a beautiful woman and a non-hunk?

*Thanks, again, to Maria.
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