The film world has lost a great friend. Toronto International Film Festival founder Dusty Cohl passed away on Friday afternoon around 3 P.M. Until Roger Ebert was able to get his tribute up on his own site, we ran it for him here. Now you can read Roger's thoughts about his friend over on his own site, accompanied by personal photos:

Nobody ever seemed to know what Dusty Cohl did for a living. He was a lawyer, and it was said he was "in real estate," but in over 30 years I never heard him say one word about business. His full-time occupation was being a friend, and he was one of the best I've ever made.

Yes, he was "co-founder of the Toronto Film Festival." That's how he was always identified in the Toronto newspapers. And he founded and ran the Floating Film Festival, one of the great boondoggles, on which Dusty and 250 friends cruised for 10 days while premiering films and paying tributes to actors and directors. There was no reason for the floater except that if you were Dusty's friend, you floated. the rest on Roger's site.

You might also stop by to read tributes to Dusty from David Poland and Jim Emerson.

I didn't have the opportunity to know Dusty personally, but I can say that the spirit of friendship Dusty was legendary for, about which you will read about in these tributes, has spilled over into the lives of those who knew him. Dusty's friends carry on his legacy in the best possible way I can imagine ... by being as kind and friendly to others as he was to them. If any of us, when we die, have friends who say words as lovely about us as those who knew Dusty say about him, we'll have lived good lives.

RIP, Dusty.

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