Welcome to The (Mostly) Indie Film Calendar, a weekly look at what's happening beyond the multiplexes all around North America. If you know of something indie-related happening near you -- a local festival, a series of classic restored films, lectures, workshops, etc. -- send the info to me at Eric.Snider(at)weblogsinc(dot)com and I'll add it to the list!

There are no indie films hitting theaters this weekend, so let's get right to the city-by-city listing of special events:

Austin: Surely you've heard about how Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album supposedly syncs up nicely with The Wizard of Oz. The Alamo Drafthouse will help you discover the trippy coincidences for yourself with "Dark Side of the Rainbow," a Saturday midnight event where they'll play the movie and the CD together. Of course, the album is only 45 minutes long, so I guess after that it'll just be the plain ol' Wizard of Oz. Luckily, the movie has some music of its own to keep you hummin'.

Boston:The Brattle Theatre at Harvard Square offers an excellent opportunity Saturday at 11 a.m. for you to take care of something that everyone should do at some point: see Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho on the big screen in a theater surrounded by like-minded cinema-lovers. The Brattle is also running a special series all week of some of 2007's best films, including Ratatouille, Eastern Promises, Grindhouse, The Host, 3:10 to Yuma, and -- in an effort to be fair and balanced -- the hilariously bad I Know Who Killed Me.

Chicago: Hellraiser is the Music Box Theatre's midnight movie tonight and Saturday, but you should wait and see it Saturday. Why? Because Clive Barker will be there in person to introduce it! Eff yeah!

After the jump, we go to Denver, L.A., New York, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Seattle....

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