With apologies to Joan Jett for swiping her album title, this week's installment of Trailer Park is about the young folk in one way or another.

Prom Night
It seems like every time a remake is announced there's an angered outcry from the fans of the original. I didn't care much for 1980's Prom Night, and based on this trailer I don't see much to look forward to with this new version. Certain kinds of horror can work with a PG-13 rating, but a slasher film? I don't see it. The trailer gives us a group of irritatingly over privileged teens gathering for the prom. Suddenly the lights go out, people start screaming, and I lose interest. This one hits U.S. theaters on April 11. Here's Scott's take.

Descendents (Solos)
Over at upcominghorrormovies.com they're referring to this one as the first Chilean zombie movie and the first English-language film from director Jorge Olguin. You can't exactly tell from the trailer that there are zombies in this thing, but there's obviously a widespread infection in an urban area with soldiers summarily blowing away the victims of some kind of infection. The story is told from the perspective of a little girl who joins forces with other children to escape the city. It looks bleak and horrifying, just as a zombie film should. So far there's no U.S. distribution planned for this one.