The Envelope's Tom O'Neil, in his continuing quest to piss off the Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA) has posted a blistering slam-fest after the critics' group refused to allow him to cover its award ceremony as a journalist. O'Neil goes after the group's respectability, accusing the group of having minimal standards and not enforcing those it does have, and for refusing to share with him copies of member's submitted articles used to verify they are meeting the group's standards. That's because they don't have any -- LAFCA president Lael Lowenstein reportedly told O'Neil just last month that the LAFCA operates on an "honor system." It's particularly interesting that former LAFCA president Jack Mathews, who now writes for the New York Daily News, is quoted in the piece as being very critical of the LAFCA.

I don't know what the LAFCAs reason is for disallowing coverage of their ceremony (what, is it like one of those freaky Masonic things where they all dress up in weird costumes and do the super-secret handshake or something?). Lord knows the other major critics' groups don't mind their share of pomp, circumstance and coverage at their events. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (usually) even televises their Golden Globes, for Pete's sake. So what's the big deal? No idea, because Lowenstein reportedly refused to say why -- or even to discuss the matter -- with O'Neil. Weird.

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