In this business, sometimes interviews are scheduled and sometimes they're not. I remember attending a party last year, and while outside at one point I found myself standing next to Paul Haggis. Of course I had nothing prepared, but those of us who do this for a living know it's important to get info when you can, however you can. Something similar happened to Frosty over at Collider, who wound up standing next to director John Singleton while both were waiting for their cars at a hotel valet. Frosty jumped at the opportunity to get the scoop on Singleton's planned A-Team flick, based on the popular TV show, and surprisingly Singleton was willing to offer up some good stuff.

Most importantly, Singleton said he really wants Woody Harrelson for the part of Murdock. During the on-the-spot interview, he noted, "And I don't know who is in the cast yet...but I do know that the only person I want right now is, that I really, really want is Woody Harrelson to play Murdock – the guy who is crazy but he's kind of real smart, a jack of all trades. That's the only person I really, really want." Excellent choice if you ask me, and one I'd really like to see happen. Additionally, Singleton said that they'll be asking all cast members to sign onto multiple films, which means they'd like this one to go the franchise route. Right now, the only other potential cast member is Ice Cube, who's in talks to play B.A. Baracus. As far as tone goes, the director said: "It's not a comic movie farce like Starsky and Hutch, it's kind of in the tradition of the 80's action pictures, the man's movies like Die Hard, Predator, Commando, or even Lethal Weapon – more so than anything else. The action is very serious, but there is humor. That's what we are going for."

I dig it. You can head on over to Collider to read the rest of the interview, which briefly touches upon budget and a few other things. How do you feel about this A-Team movie? Is this the type of film that will come down to its cast, its script -- or is it all a complete waste of time? Sound off below ...

[via Slashfilm]

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