A friend of mine pointed me toward this YouTube video over on Hollywood Elsewhere which was cut together by a guy named Matt Shapiro using clips from a bunch of 2007's great dramas, all set to the wonderful tune Falling Slowly, performed by Glen Hasard and Markéta Irglová from Once. Though there's a bit too much I Am Legend in there, as well as comedy-dramas like Juno, Knocked Up and Ratatouille, I must say the video itself is pretty damn well done. I feel like every year around this time, as awards are being handed out, you get comments from people along the lines of, "Man, last year sucked in terms of movies." Well it's videos like this one that show just how great 2007 was in terms of high-quality entertainment, even if the bulk of it didn't arrive until those last few months. Check out the video up top, then let us know which films you would've liked to see get a mention. Oh, and then you can head over to iTunes and download Falling Slowly. Trust me, if you haven't heard this song yet, you're guaranteed to be swept away in its beauty. It's that f**king good.