A new interview over at FilmSchoolRejects.com throws some light on Whip It, the upcoming film based on the Shauna Cross novel Derby Girl, about a young girl who finds herself through excelling at roller derby. Cross tells the site that Drew Barrymore wants to take on directing the film and is gearing up for a March start. "It wasn't until after I turned in the script that Drew really fell in love with the idea of directing it," Cross says. "And I'm so glad she did because I think she will do a really lovely job. She's got that whole smiley-sweet persona, but she's one smart cookie with a lot of soul and great creative instincts." And exactly who is Barrymore after to play Bliss, the lead in the film? This is what Cross has to say about that: "Rumor is the lead could be played by an actress whose name rhymes with 'Shmellen Shmage.' But what do I know? I'm just the writer."

When asked about how autobiographical the story is, Cross says that "Like my lead character, Bliss, I grew up just outside Austin and was a pretty precocious teen, full of sarcasm and wit and hijinks (as were my friends, most of whom were older.) But I was also really sensitive, hiding that vulnerability with humor. And of course, I play roller derby." Sounds like Ellen Page material to me. As of now, Page has only a couple of projects in the pipeline -- she seems to be holding off on using her newly-minted credibility fromJuno to cash in on something high-profile. Would she want to risk doing something Juno-esque this soon? Should she try to immediately start playing twenty-somethings and get away from teen-roles? Luckily, she has an agent so we don't have to answer these questions.

[via Slashfilm]

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