The unapologetically named Cheezy Flicks has released a new version of The Undertaker and His Pals, a public domain horror comedy that has been available on various labels for years. This drive-in staple from 1966 is in the vein of the Herschell Gordon Lewis gore fests of the same period like Blood Feast,Two Thousand Maniacs and Color Me Blood Red. The primary difference is that The Undertaker and His Pals plants its tongue firmly in cheek before lopping it off with a machete, taking itself even less seriously than the Lewis films. During the closing credits, for example, everyone who has died a gory death over the course of the film recovers long enough to give the camera a knowing wink. The acting and production values are a step up from Lewis's work and there's even a few nice touches like the film remaining in black and white for the first few minutes until the first murder offers a chance to switch to bloody technicolor.

Private investigator Harry Glass takes a series of brutal murders personally when his girlfriend/secretary falls victim to a trio of depraved killers. The owners of The Greasy Spoon Cafe have teamed up with an undertaker named Mort (such subtle symbolism at work here) for a mutually beneficial business venture. The three men slaughter young women and serve the meat in their diner. When a woman named Poultry is murdered, breast of chicken shows up on the menu the next day. Mort gets his cut of the action by bilking the families of the recently departed with exorbitantly priced funerals at the Shady Rest Funeral Parlor, though he eases the blow by offering trading stamps.
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