It has been a while since rumors floated around that Irish politician Ian Paisley was going to get a biopic. Now, unless the project gets going without Liam Neeson, it looks like there will be even longer to wait. The BBC reports that the actor, who was born in the same town of Ballymena, discussed the feature during a fundraiser for Belfast's Lyric Theatre. He says that speculation began after he played Irish republican Michael Collins in 1996, but that "The government is still finding its sea legs. It will, but as regards telling the tale of the Troubles and the principal characters involved, I think it is still a little early."

What sort of trouble? Well, the old Paisley is definitely a zany character, to say the least. He's the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland, and a founding member of the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster. However, it's his over-the-top stances that really make him memorable. I summed up some of the bigger points when word of the biopic started floating around: "He's so anti-Catholic that once told Pope John Paul II: "I renounce you as the Antichrist!" He has called Queen Elizabeth Tony Blair's parrot. He's said: "Line dancing is as sinful as any other type of sexual gestures and touchings." And, to top it off, he also campaigned with a super-catchy "Save Ulster from Sodomy" anti-homosexuality movement in the 70's."

Eh, maybe we'll get to see it all some day.
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