• Edward Klosinski(1943-2008) - Cinematographer who shot Lars Von Trier's Europa, Krzysztof Kieslowski's series The Decalogue and his Three Colors: White, many of Andrzej Wajda's films, including Man of Iron and Man of Marble,and Rolf Schübel's Gloomy Sunday. He is also credited as a co-writer on Kieslowski's Three Colors: White and on Felkis Falk's Szansa. He died of lung cancer January 5, in Milanówek, Poland. (NY Times)
  • Christopher Bowman(1967-2008) - Champion ice skater who also worked as a stunt man on Lost Boys, License to Drive and Surf Nazis Must Die. He also plays an assistant football coach in Brian DePalma's next film, Down and Disturbance, coming out this year. He died January 10 in Mission Hills, California. (LA Times)
  • Grace Cianciotta (c.1964-2008) - Marketing expert who worked for Alliance Atlantis and Maximum Films. She died of breast cancer January 7, in Toronto. (Variety)
  • Dusty Cohl (1929-2008) - Founder of the Toronto International Film Festival. Read Kim's full obit post here.
  • Alexandre de Paris(c.1922-2008) - French celebrity hairdresser who styled Elizabeth Taylor's hair for Cleopatra. He also worked as a hair stylist on the 1980 Agatha Christie adaptation The Mirror Crack'd and on Claude Sautet's César & Rosalie. His date and cause of death are unknown. (BBC)
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