There's nothing like a little vagina dentata to make life interesting. If you're like me, you've been dying to see Teeth since reviews started coming out of Sundance. Our Kim Voynar described it as "a fun exploration of feminine sexual power seen through the twisted kaleidoscope lens of a horror-comedy," while Scott Weinberg said that it is "one of the most witty, intelligent and darkly insightful looks at young womanhood since Lucky McKee's brilliant May."

Now the film is finally getting a limited release this week, and the first five minutes of the film have been thrown up on YouTube, which you can check out above. It's got lil tyke v-d, of the dentata variety, some killer eggs ready to devour some sperm, and a really cute girl praising the virtues of sex -- while stealing a glance at a boy who makes more than just her heart go "pitter patter." Oh yeah, and for you Twin Peaks fans out there, you can also check out Lenny von Dohlen (Harold Smith) as the dad of Dawn's first victim. I might just have to do a horror double-feature this Friday with Cloverfield and Teeth... How about you?