Til Schweiger has been the hottie of the German film scene for a while now, but along with heartthrob, he can add in the title of parent and media provoker. Variety reports that the actor, who recently wrote, produced, directed, and starred in Keinohrhasen has angered many in Germany for the sexual content contained in the comedy. The film is about a womanizer, played by Schweiger, who has to do community service at a kindergarten, and clashes with the teacher.

The flick got a general admissions rating, which allows children of 6 and older to see the film. Since little tykes can see it and it's set in a kindergarten, many people have been taking their families to the pic and getting quite a surprise. Intermingled with the kids and community service is a lot of adult content which is making many German youths ask a lot of questions about sexual terms (like b-jobs). I guess Schweiger didn't go to Grease to see how to thinly veil sex in a way that kids can enjoy without having any idea what the film is really about.

The ratings board is trying to defend their position, while Schweiger not only says that he thought it would get a 12 and up rating, but also dismisses the complaints: "I can understand that some parents might not want to watch this film with their younger children. But, on the other hand, a lot of children under 12 know a lot more about the facts of life than their parents would ever believe." Now, I'm far from some stodgy anti-sex ranter, but I can see why parents wouldn't want their 6-year-olds asking about sexual techniques. Have any of you seen the comedy? Thoughts?
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