Steroids -- they were the charming drug of the sports world -- the little demons that upped performance while also having a number of lovely side effects -- smaller testicles and larger man boobs, baldness mixed with extra facial hair, high blood pressure, jaundice, acne, tumors, and the list goes on. Now, however, it's taking the world of entertainment by storm. CNN reports that a number of celebrities and entertainers have been named in connection with a steroid investigation in Albany, New York, launched by District Attorney P. David Soares.

Along with musical names like Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, and Wyclef Jean, is one lone film name -- Tyler Perry. The man behind the successful collection of Madea films, as well as Daddy's Little Girls and Why Did I Get Married? is said to have possibly received or used steroids. The weird part comes in with this: "Law enforcement officials have said evidence does not indicate that the celebrities broke the law, but that investigators are focusing on doctors, pharmacists, and clinics that provide the drugs." So, all these big names were just offered steroids and assumed they were legal? I don't get it, unless this just means that none of the celebs will be charged for their involvement. Soares won't confirm, deny, or discuss the famous names listed in the investigation, and Perry's spokesman declined to comment.
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