Page Six is trumpeting the scoop that Woody Allen and his muse Scarlett Johansson have both jumped aboard New York, I Love You, an anthology film currently in pre-production that will feature short directing efforts from several filmmakers such as Anthony Minghella and Mira Nair. Although you'd think this means that Johansson is appearing in the Woody short, the Post reports that Johansson is actually directing her own piece independent of Woody's. Details on the films in question are still forthcoming -- all that's known so far is that they will all be love stories and will of course be set in Manhattan. Johhansson has a number of acting projects lined up for the near future so this must be enough of a priority for a little re-arranging of her schedule.

The paper also reports another Johansson scoop, although this one is more of a rumor than anything else. Courtney Love is apparently seeking out Johansson to play her in a forthcoming biopic of Kurt Cobain called Heavier than Heaven. Why are outer-rim celebrities like Courtney Love and Jenna Jameson always harassing Scarlett Johansson to play them in the movies? Don't they know that she's very busy doing Woody Allen movies and period pieces? She doesn't have time for anything else. Anyway, Woody Allen is doing a round of press for his latest film, Cassandra's Dream, in the coming week so expect some enterprising reporters to pry some more details out of him about this latest turn of events.

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