The Los Angeles Times spoke to director Christopher Nolan recently with regards to whose story we'll really be seeing when The Dark Knight hits theaters later this summer. While the marketing plan from Warner Bros. has so far concentrated almost exclusively on the Joker (as played by Heath Ledger), Nolan has stepped up to explain just how important the Joker is to the plot of this movie. He says, "Harvey Dent is a tragic figure, and his story is the backbone of this film. The Joker, he sort of cuts through the film -- he's got no story arc, he's just a force of nature tearing through. Heath has given an amazing performance in the role, it's really extraordinary."

Hmmm ... fascinating. But it definitely makes sense. You'll remember that in the opening IMAX scene, it appears the Joker is already somewhat established as a widely-known criminal in Gotham City. So taking Nolan's comments into account, we probably won't see some sort of Joker flashback origin story unless Batman does research and digs up some old newspaper articles (the likely route in any Batman film -- head to the newspaper articles!). This also means that Harvey Dent (played by Aaron Eckhart) will almost certainly make his transformation to Two Face at some point before the end of the flick. The big question is, though, will the Two Face story end in The Dark Knight, or will Nolan tease Two Face into a third film? Additionally, The LA Times also confirms that Cillian Murphy will be reprising his role as Scarecrow in the sequel.

Here's where I make my plea to Warner Brothers: Please, pretty pretty please, do not unveil a photo of Two Face prior to the film arriving in theaters. This is the only secret we have left, and I would love to go into The Dark Knight not knowing what Nolan did with the look of Two Face. I'm on hands and knees Warners. Please.

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