While surfing the internets today, I came across these really cool Star Wars toys that were recently pimped out at the CES Conference in Las Vegas. I first caught wind of them via this post over at Slashfilm, and then I headed over to our sister site Engadget figuring they'd have a gallery or seven featuring tons of different looks at the toys themselves. And whaddya know -- they do! Not only do they have a gallery, but they also have video from CES with a guy showing off a lightsaber/Skype phone and a remote control R2-D2 that, from what I gather, can roll around the house snapping photos.

The photo above is a Millennium Falcon remote control that's used to operate the DVD/CD player housed inside an R2-D2 projector (photo after the jump). Nikkio Electronics is putting this stuff out for sale in March, however the remote and R2-D2 projector will come with a pretty hefty price tag of $2,700. Damn. Yeah, not exactly the perfect stocking stuffer for you casual fans, but definitely the kind of toy you hardcore fanboys might want to save up for. Ideally, this sort of stuff would be perfect for a screening room of some kind, and while I have a ton of Star Wars fanatics as friends, none of them are rich and, therefore, I can't see any of them splurging for this. But if you do get it, let us know how it works.