Ah, Dane Cook. He's the guy many have been loving to hate recently -- or just love, I guess, if Waiting..., Employee of the Month, and Good Luck Chuck are your cup of tea. He's also taken stabs at playing Roman Polanski, and more recently, co-starring in the crime drama Mr. Brooks. Now he's taking the big step into the territory that many men have boldly gone before him. Dane Cook wants to be an action star.

During a recent interview with MTV, Cook said that he's getting ready to fight crime in Dead Already -- a buddy cop movie "in the vein of Lethal Weapon." Wait... Is Cook the next Mel Gibson? Will we get a collection of huge, mainstream flicks before Dane jumps behind the camera for some heavy, religious, and controversial fare? According to the comedian, this flick has a "really interesting take-off" from the usual buddy cop flicks: "This definitely had an element that was like, 'Wow, I've never seen that before.'" He doesn't explain how it's different, and instead goes on to say that the film has "crazy stunts" and action along with comedy.

As for the flick's ties to Lethal Weapon, Cook seems really interested in bringing a mixture of "being really funny and silly to really tragic" to the big screen, Lethal-style: "I forgot how many scenes in this movie are dealing with suicide and all kinds of insane, heavy topics. Then, all of a sudden, he's being wacky and doing Three Stooges. I haven't seen anything like that in an action movie since. I'd love to see, or be part of, a movie that pulls that off again."

But that's not all, action fans. Cook says this is one of several action flicks he's looking at, since action is on "the game plan next." Are you all ready for Dane Cook: Action Hero?
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