Welcome to the first official post from the ground at Sundance ... well, kinda. Actually, I'm writing this from the Salt Lake City airport, where I have another four hours to wait for James Rocchi to arrive, so we can grab our shuttle to the lovely Yarrow Hotel, which will house Cinematical's Live from Sundance headquarters for the next 12 days. After a busy week spent largely on the phone with publicists lining up the fabulous interviews we'll be bringing you, it's nice to finally be on the ground in Utah. I've got some interesting films in my lineup -- right now I'm mostly excited about Sugar, the latest film from Half Nelson team Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, and Nerakhoon (The Betrayal). Oh, and about 20 or so other films.

I'm strategically placed with my laptop and Venti Americano near the baggage carousels, where I can keep an eye out for any interesting celebs claiming their baggage (or rather, for their assistants to claim their baggage while they stand there looking beautiful). If I see anyone of interest, I'll let y'all know.