Just had a lovely chat with director Josh Ticknell Tickell (Fields of Fuel) and some of the folks on his team here at Sundance. Fields of Fuel is a documentary about the petrochemical industry and the development of biofuels. Tickell's team is doing a full-court press for their cause -- beyond Sundance they're getting their ideas in front of Barack Obama and have a 50-city tour planned.

This kind of passion for filmmaking and for the topic a film is about is what I love most about coming to Sundance. The big-name celebs are fun, sure, but it's the filmmakers here who have put heart and soul into telling their stories ... that's the spirit of Sundance. Keep an eye out for our review of the film and an interview with Tickell later in the fest. Meanwhile, here's some of the Fields of Fuel team (left to right: marketing director Rebecca Harrell, Tickell, communications director Kevin Vickery, and DP James Mulryan).