For those still keeping track of the site, a few new pictures have been released in the past week or so. The image above is the newest, and it shows what looks to be a bunch of fighter jets unleashing a barrage of ammo on something out in the ocean. Unfortunately, I do not believe their mission is successful. This photo is joined by another of an oil tanker capsizing, and if you have your speakers on, remain on the site for about five minutes and you'll hear some sort of roar. The only thing deceiving about these pics is that the earlier ones show a timestamp of 1/18, however the actual events in the movie take place in May, not January.

But onto the latest piece of Cloverfield viral marketing. Apparently, a new Japanese manga has been released online (go to the page, and click on the blue tab in the upper left corner) detailing the events leading up to this monster arriving in New York City. Or at least we think that's what this manga is talking about. See, the entire thing is in Japanese right now, though it clearly states at the end that it's from the same people who brought you Cloverfield. Plus, there will be more than one because the last frame has a little "to be continued" thingy. Personally, I don't care to know where this monster came from, what its name is or whether it likes Coke better than Pepsi. But I do like how the filmmakers are giving fans the option to either enjoy the film as it is or get involved in the viral stuff to learn a tad more. Hopefully this manga will be translated soon, perhaps by one of our Japanese readers.

Additionally, you can check out a new clip titled "A Bad Idea" over at Yahoo Movies, and another clip from our peeps over at Moviefone titled "Say Cheese" after the jump.

[via JoBlo]

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