Although his movies are always bad, it's not like Uwe Boll has besmirched any really "high-end" video games. (My apologies to anyone who still plays BloodRayne, House of the Dead, Postal, Dungeon Siege and/or Alone in the Dark, but really. Get a 360 already.) But now the prolific German auteur is setting his sights on a game that isn't even out yet! And get this! The game producers seeked HIM out!

Apparently Dr. Boll will soon be directing something called Zombie Massacre, which will be based on the upcoming Wii shooter by 1988 games. (The game doesn't seem to have a publisher yet, but why sweat the small stuff?) According to an article at (and thanks to IGN for the tip), game producer Ben Krotkin had this to say: "We had a concept that we knew would translate well to film without any major changes having to be made, and we were just in the right place at the right time. We started talking about attempting to pursue it further, and Uwe Boll was the first and only name to come up because of his extensive experience in working with video game properties." (Italics are (of course) mine.)

Ben! Have you SEEN these movies? Maybe I'm missing something here, but NO movie would be better than something like Dungeon Siege, man! For Boll's part, he wants the movie to be creepier than House of the Dead. Uwe. This just in: Ratatouille is creepier than House of the Dead. In Bollworld financial news, Dungeon Siege stock has been plummeting since opening day. From an alleged budget of around $70 million, the flick has so far made $3.2 million in North America and just over $7 million worldwide. Plus, as Monika told us recently, Mr. Boll will no longer have access to such massive budgets. (Let's hear it for the closing of German tax shelter loopholes! Hooray!)

Also, does anyone else think it's really weird that we've never HAD a movie called Zombie Massacre before? I know of Zombie Island Massacre, but ... just seems like a pretty obvious title is all.
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