I don't like the word "awesome" very much. At least, not for the last 10+ years. Every time I hear the frakking word, it sends my brain back to high school and that whole cheerleader chant: "A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Awesome, awesome, to-tal-ly." AH! That being said, the word still means all of that super-cool stuff, so maybe this new festival will help reclaim the word in my tired-of-cheerleader-chants brain. indieWIRE reports that a new fest called "From Here to Awesome" is getting set up as a "New Discovery and Distribution Festival."

Co-founded by Lance Weiler (Head Trauma), Arin Crumley (Four Eyed Monsters), and M dot Strange (We Are the Strange), the new Awesome Fest is now accepting video submissions from filmmakers "explaining why they think their film is 'awesome.'" Through the wonder of the Internet partners MySpace, YouTube, and Current TV, audiences can zip through the submissions and vote on their favorites. In the Spring, the ten top picks will get screened in theaters, on the net, and zoomed onto your portable device of choice.

But here's the kicker -- any and all revenue is going directly to the lucky filmmaker. As if that wasn't enough, the filmmakers keep all of their rights. Weiler says: "Less and less films are getting traditional distribution deals. From Here to Awesome is an attempt to answer some of the largest issues facing filmmakers today -- discovery, distribution, and sustainability by putting the power to distribute in the hands of the filmmakers and their audiences." Good luck, fledgling filmmakers!