When Fox first picked up the film rights to I Love You Beth Cooper, the plot sounded right up my alley (because in my spare time, I'm a sucker for corny teen sex comedies). So, prior to kicking off the summer, I picked up a copy and read it. The book itself is pretty damn funny, it's loaded with pop-centric humor (one character is a film geek who quotes flicks everywhere he goes) and it appeared to be the perfect book to snatch up and turn into a movie. The next great teen comedy, or so I hoped. Today, Variety tells us that Chris Columbus is in talks to direct, while Heroes star Hayden Panettiere is in negotiations to star as the lead hottie, Beth Cooper.

Columbus, who's probably best known for helming Home Alone and two Harry Potter films, hasn't directed a straight-up teen comedy since one of my personal favorites, Adventures in Babysitting, back in 1987. His last directorial effort came in 2005 with the adaptation of the musical Rent. Panettiere looks like a perfect candidate for Beth Cooper. In the book, Beth is your typical blonde beauty -- dating the older, stronger army guy -- and because she's so good looking, she acts like she's immune to all sorts of danger. She's an interesting, complex character. The main dude, Denis Cooverman, is a mess. A complete mess ... who proclaims his love to Beth during his valedictorian speech, then goes on to spend one long, brutal night falling in and out of love with the girl of his dreams. No word on Cooverman's casting yet, although Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin) certainly looks the part. Anyone else read the book? You like?

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