According to the National Meteorological Service, it's 6 degrees Fahrenheit in Park City right now. Working from my less scientific observations, I can tell you that it is cold. Worse, it is a dry cold -- the kind of invasive, low-humidity conditions that simply suck all the moisture out of the air so it can be turned into ski slopes and ice and other terrain features. Plus, the city's at an elevation of 7,000 feet above sea level -- so your body is fighting to acclimate to that, too. But the press office is open, the first film is tonight -- In Bruges -- and pretty soon, it'll be to busy to be cold -- or, for that matter, have any physical sensation at all. But the snow is pretty, or at least it's pretty until you're silly enough to touch it with your bare hand, and then, yowch. Gloves on, lip balm ready -- Park City wants to hurt you, if you're not careful.