Stopped by the New Frontier on Main space for the press lunch this afternoon. New Frontiers is a newish thing here at Sundance that they first set up last year. The space has several art exhibits going on -- there 's this very cool rotating digital tree thing that I want for my house to project on my living room wall. You can see a pic of the pretty trees below, but they're way cooler when you can see them rotating on the wall. The DJ stand and a bunch of the lights are covered with recycled plastic bottles, which actually look pretty with the lighting they have -- I had to look closer to realize they were bottles! That's the DJ stand below, augmented by the guy behind the bar wearing the most awesome gold-sequined jacket ever.

My favorite exhibit was the laser tag graffiti being demoed by the Graffiti Research Lab. They'll be set up around and about Park City, letting fest goers "tag" the sides of buildings (heck, maybe even a mountain) with their innovative laser graffiti pen. Check out their website for some videos of the laser graffiti in action. I really like how Sundance is working hard to bring other forms of visual art and music to play here at the fest alongside the film. Heading out now to a gathering at the indieWIRE condo (chili and beer, yum!) and then to a party for the opening night film, In Bruges. We'll be bringing you a review of the film and an interview with the director, Martin McDonagh, shortly, as well as pics from the parties and the Sundance scene. Stay tuned!