As James noted earlier, it is indeed very cold here in Park City this year. But on the plus side, there's way more snow than last year during Sundance, which for me is great news because I LOVE the snow here. I have 50 weeks a year to live where there's very little snow, so when I come to Sundance, I want to frolic, baby. Last year I think it snowed maybe once, and that was just a dusting. It snowed yesterday as we drove in from the airport, it was snowing this morning when we headed to headquarters bright and early, and there are big, fluffy drifts of snow everywhere. Bring it on!

Not a lot of celeb spotting to report yet -- a lot of folks are arriving today -- but did run into Juno director Jason Reitman yesterday at headquarters. Reitman is on the shorts jury here, and is also hosting the Seven Fresh Faces event later this week, which we'll have coverage of. About to head out to a lunch for the New Frontier artists followed by the big Opening Day Press Conference (can't you just feel the excitement? A press conference!); I'll pop on later with a report on those.