We have an unofficial motto around here: as fast as they're dealing at Sundance, we're typing to tell you about it! Of course, we're all benefiting from the great coverage already being provided by indieWIRE. In the third deal announcement of the day -- and remember, the festival doesn't officially begin until Thursday night -- HBO Documentary Films has picked up The Black List: Volume One.

The doc, directed by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, "presents a fascinating series of mini-portraits of 20 influential African Americans." Elvis Mitchell (pictured), former film critic for The New York Times, interviews names like Lou Gossett Jr., Chris Rock and Keenan Ivory Wayans. Mitchell, an affable interviewer, also served as one of the producers. The Black List: Volume One is part of a project that will include "a traveling exhibit, portrait book and a user-generated campaign designed for multiple platforms," and no, I have no idea what that last phrase means.

The reason for the portrait book --director Greenfield-Sanders had originally intended to become a filmmaker, but became fascinated by portraiture and switched to photography full-time. (He is currently a contributing photographer to Vanity Fair.) He then dipped back into filmmaking with Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart, a 1998 Sundance premiere. More recently, he made Thinking XXX, a brisk, entertaining doc for HBO based on his best-selling book of porn star portraits. FYI: The porn stars were more comfortable posing for pictures nude, rather than dressed.

A source told indieWIRE that HBO is planning a theatrical run later this year to quality the film for Academy Award consideration. At some point, of course, it will show up on the pay cable channel, but a separate deal is also planned for the DVD.