After all of these years, I never thought I would be reading an MTV interview with legendary director Woody Allen, but I guess that times change. MTV recently spoke to Allen about the rumors regarding another possible project with muse-of-the-moment Scarlett Johansson. Turns out Page Six had it all wrong and there is no New York, I Love You film that will reunite the actress and director for the third time in a row. Allen was hard at work doing promotion for Cassandra's Dream with Colin Farrell and Ewan McGregor when the subject of the anthology film came up in conversation. Allen told MTV that the whole Page Six story was "A complete and total fabrication. Made up like a poem by Coleridge. Completely untrue. It wasn't even grounded in any conversations or anything." This might lead me to believe that some of those other Johansson casting announcements were a little premature as well.

Allen has just wrapped up his latest film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona with Johansson, Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz. Just because the NY anthology flick is not going to happen, I seriously doubt that Barcelona is the last we will see of the pairing. When it comes to Johansson, it seems like the guy can't stop gushing: "She's very charming, very bright, very amusing. She livens the set up. The minute she walks on the set, the amperage goes up 200 points. She's a great kid and very talented. She can sing. She can do dramatic things and jokes if you need her to. Whenever there's a part she could play, she would probably always be my first choice." But as any Woody Allen fan can tell you, the man loves the ladies and I'm sure her humor and talent aren't the only 'attributes' that the man admires. Vicky Cristina Barcelona hits theaters this fall.
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