You never know when the next Richard Linklater is going to pop up -- someone new who releases a simple, yet endearing indie flick. Perhaps it will be with new indie filmmaker David Mitchell. C & G News reports that the 33-year-old filmmaker is gearing up to make his feature debut with The Myth of the American Sleepover in Detroit this summer. The picture, which he started writing 4-5 years ago, "follows four characters as they navigate through metro Detroit during the final night on the final weekend of summer." Sound a little like Dazed and Confused? The new filmmaker goes on to describe it as "really a coming to age story. It's kind of along the lines of American Graffiti."

Although Mitchell lives in Los Angeles, he's heading back to Detroit for production: "We could have filmed elsewhere, but I really didn't want to do that. I really wanted it to have the feel of the neighborhoods and way it looks there. I have an emotional connection to it." This means that local Detroiters will have their shot at being cast in the movie. The production is looking for locals between the ages of 14 and 21, both male and female, for feature and supporting roles. Since this is an uber-indie feature, it's a no-pay labor of love, one that will reap cash for the players if the film does well. If you're interested, there's casting call info in the C & G story.

Now, assuming that Mitchell hasn't fallen victim to the ladies in sexy underwear sleepover cliche, I'm pretty keen to see what he makes of this. How about you?
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