If you were going to make a movie that's part The Princess Diaries and part The Devil Wears Prada, you'd have to cast Anne Hathaway in the lead. Well, hopefully HarperCollins knows enough about movies to understand that obviousness, because the News Corp-owned publishing company is officially in the film biz. Well, Sharp Entertainment, a banner headed by producer Jeff Sharp (Boys Don't Cry) and housed at HarperCollins, is anyway. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sharp has announced its inaugural slate of projects. This includes a movie about the private lives of astronauts based on Jay Barbree's memoir Live from Cape Canaveral -- described as The Right Stuffmeets Almost Famous -- and a movie described as "a next-generation Nashville" (hmm, we'll see). Publisher's Weekly also reported recently that Sharp at HarperCollins will be adapting Eli Gottlieb's new thriller Now You See Him.

The Princess meets Prada movie is another in the pipeline. Based on the Queen of Babble series (Queen of Babble, Queen of Babble in the Big City, the upcoming Queen of Babble Gets Hitched), which is written by Princess Diaries author Meg Cabot, the movie will follow a "fashion-obsessed" American girl who travels to London to spend time with her British boyfriend. But he isn't the guy she thought he was and so she heads over to France and falls for someone new. Unlike Cabot's Princess books, the Babble series is more grown-up. In fact, the Publisher's Weekly review (via Amazon) of the first book points out there's some "blunt dialogue about oral sex." Again, if HarperCollins knows anything about movies, it will be sure to do away with most of that stuff in order to make this movie at least PG-13, for the kids, or if it plans to make the Babble books into a trilogy.
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