Ah, serial killer movies -- always becoming more and more convoluted by the second. It seems like every film has to have the worst killer ever known to man, or the most bizarre motivation, to keep the audiences interested. The Hollywood Reporter announced that IFC has picked up the rights to the crime thriller Anamorph. The film stars Scott Speedman (Underworld or Felicity, depending on your age group) and Willem Dafoe, and centers on a bizarre and vicious killer who re-creates anamorphic paintings in his crime scenes. After a quick Wikipedia search, I discovered that anamorphic painting is a style that uses a "distorted projection or perspective requiring the viewer to use special devices or occupy a specific vantage point to reconstitute the image." So, if our killer is using this technique in his crime scenes, I can only imagine how freaky some of it might get.

The film was written and directed by Henry Miller, who has only worked on a few comedy shorts up until now; Anamorph will be his first full-length feature film. Joining Speedman and Defoe in the cast are Peter Stormare as an art gallery owner and Clea DuVall (Heroes) as a troubled girl put in danger by the killer -- what were you expecting? She might as well be listed as bait/love interest in the credits. It looks like the film was originally set for release in 2007, but they didn't quite make it. Speedman has wrapped up two films since finishing Anamorph, just to give you an idea. But, I guess the old adage of better late than never is still in full effect, and the film is scheduled for release this November.
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