Welcome to another edition of our world famous Insert Caption game! Last week we asked you to break out your mad skills and provide the best caption for a photo from this week's new release, Mad Money. And after sorting through a number of stripper-related captions, as well as a few on Scientology (are Scientologists allowed to be strippers?), we locked in on the following three winners ...

1. "Hillary Clinton and her aides celebrate another great campaign fundraiser." -- Illinois and Back

2. "Who said stripping isn't a career?" -- Wayne

3. "See, clippin' coupons CAN really save money!!" -- Tee

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Since we're inching closer and closer to The Superbowl, this week we're checking in on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson who plays a star NFL quarterback in The Game Plan. While throwing touchdowns and scoring points aren't a problem whatsoever, the 8-year-old daughter he discovers from a previous relationship proves to be tougher than any linebacker past, present and future. The three writers of our favorite captions this week will win their own copy of The Game Plan DVD, for those long, lonely days in February when it finally hits that the NFL season is over and done with. Sound off below ...

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