So I'm finally in Park City, and no matter who I meet the first thing out of their mouths (after nice to meet you) is, "Are you drinking enough water?" And everyone has a different amount of water you're supposed to drink. Some say six bottles a day, others say eight bottles. "If you don't drink 15 bottles of water, you'll be getting nosebleeds." I don't want nosebleeds. So this is what I've been doing since arriving in Utah -- finding water. And more water. And then drinking the water as the guy next to me goes, "Keep drinkin' that water; you don't want nosebleeds."

And then I met up with Kim and headed to the indieWIRE party at a condo. In order to get to the condo, we had to find a certain trail in a certain place, or else stepping down means you're up to your waist in snow. Have I mentioned that it's negative a thousand degrees here? Oh yeah. The party was fun -- my first official Sundance party -- and we hung out with tons of folks from indieWIRE, as well as Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady, directors of Jesus Camp (who are also on the documentary jury this year at Sundance). Nicest girls. See Jesus Camp if you haven't already; it's a great film. My friends from Gen Art were also at the party -- Karina from Spout was there, as was writer-director Joe Swanberg and lots more.

After a couple beers and a trip back through the snow, Kim and I finally met up with Scotty Weinberg back at the hotel. It was there that myself, Scott, Kim, Eric D. Snider and Eric Childress took in a little Deal or No Deal, followed by a viewing of Mean Girls. Yes, we're at Sundance and we're watching f**king Mean Girls. Tomorrow the madness really starts, so look for plenty of "idiot New Yorker consumes an unhealthy amount of water" posts from here on out.