On the shuttle and in the press lines today, I've been hearing nothing but love for last night's Opening Film, In Bruges. Hearing everything from "It's way better than I expected from the trailer" to "I love (director Martin) McDonagh's plays, and this film was fantastic" to Jeff Well's praise over on Hollywood Elsewhere, where he called it one of the best opening films at Sundance ever. I, of course, skipped out on the film last night to go hang at the indieWIRE chili bash, and now I'm gonna have to try to get into a public screening later to see it. That's what I get. It doesn't feel quite as nippy as it was yesterday, but maybe I've just succumbed to perma-frostbite. There was some absolutely gorgeous snowfall this morning, though ... big, fluffy, flakes. Trying to persuade the team to do group snow angels, but so far, no takers. Wimps.