The fest officially kicked off today with the press conference and opening night film, In Bruges and, most importantly, a this-is-not-a-party gathering at the indieWIRE condo, with homemade chili, beer, and a great mix of film fest folks. Erik Davis and I trekked over to hang out and talk about the fest. We're missing some of our friends who won't be coming this year, and wish they were here. Tomorrow things really kick into high gear.

We'll be kicking it bright and early for Stranded: I've come from a plane that crashed on the mountains. Also on my calendar for tomorrow: The Black List, Recycle and Up the Yangtze, plus two parties that happen at the same time. So either the guys need to invent a cloning machine tomorrow, we're gonna have to go for the carefully synchronized attending of both. Busy day, good thing I brought proten bars. Cold tonight, but the snow is pretty in the moonlight.

P.S. And Erik, don't forget to drink some water.