Back in 1981, Miami was "Paradise Lost" -- suffering from its gig as the cocaine center of the States and murder capital to boot. In 2006, Billy Corben and Alfred Spellman set out to document those times, and former dealer Jon Roberts, in Cocaine Cowboys -- a film Martha Fischer said was "celebrating what it set out to simply document." Still, there's a story in all of that, and Paramount is planning on capturing it. Variety reports that the company has tapped Mark Wahlberg to star in the untitled film, which will focus on Roberts' life, with Peter Berg slipping into the directorial chair.

Roberts was a Vietnam soldier who headed to Miami after returning home. Somehow, he fell in with the wrong crowd and "formed a relationship with the Medellin drug cartel, distributing cocaine worth billions of dollars. Wahlberg will play Roberts, who was turned in by a cohort and served a decade in jail for his crimes." Marky Mark must really like this project, since it's going to be a while before it gets made. First, they have to wait for the WGA strike to end, then get together a working script, and then figure out scheduling. In the meantime -- Wahlberg's making some Lovely Bones and fighting with Brad Pitt, while Berg is in the throes of post-production on Hancock.
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