Perhaps you have a friend who's a little obsessive about weddings, perusing the Sunday social pages with unnatural interest, reading about other people's engagements and weddings as passionately as some folks follow their favorite sports teams. If you've never met a woman like this, you might not believe it's possible for a normal, intelligent woman to harbor such an obsession for the whole idea of weddings, but they do exist, and 27 Dresses delves into the world of one such fictional woman, Jane (Katherine Heigl), while also pulling of the rather neat trick of making the very attractive Heigl appear to be the less attractive, more serious older sister to sexy blond baby sister Tess (Malin Akerman, who previously was a bright spot on Lisa Kudrow's short-lived HBO series The Comeback).

We meet Jane as a child, at a relative's nuptials -- the beginning of her obsession with all-things-wedding -- when young Jane rescues a potential wedding dress disaster with the creative use of her sister's hair ribbon. When next we see her, Jane is all grown up and rushing back and forth between two weddings in one night, frantically changing clothes in a taxi as she charges back and forth across Manhattan in order to be there for both friends on their big days. And yes, it's a little unrealistic (have you ever tried to get by taxi from one part of Manhattan to another on a weekend night?), but it's also a pretty funny and well-edited scene that somehow manages to work.