Everyone else got to see (and adore) Tom McCarthy'sThe Station Agent well before I had the chance to see the movie -- so by the time I caught it on DVD (and adored it), nobody really needed my half-year-late review of the flick. But I managed to catch a Sundance screening of Mr. McCarthy's second film -- and if it isn't quite as fresh or as strangely moving as The Station Agent, it's still a damn fine film with a good heart and some really excellent performances. Kinda like The Station Agent.

I just love it when a well-admired character actor gets a shot at a big-time starring role. OK, so maybe the lead role in a low-key character study like McCarthy's The Visitor is not exactly "big time" (as far as Hollywood goes, anyway) -- but if you're familiar with the name and the works of Mr. Richard Jenkins, then you'll be thrilled with what the veteran actor has to offer here. (You might not know the name, but you should definitely remember Richard Jenkins from movies like Flirting with Disaster, The Kingdom, The Witches of Eastwick, and a bunch of Coen and Farrelly brothers films.)