Having a baby, meeting extraterrestrials, losing your cat: these are all jumping off points after which -- for good or ill -- your life is never quite the same again. This week we're looking at trailers for films that show big changes.

Yeah, I've got to imagine the end of the world will change everything. At the very least, you won't have to go to work tomorrow, and to hell with that car payment. When a lethal plague devastates a large section of England, the area is walled off for decades. When the plague resurfaces, a special team is dispatched inside the quarantined area to look for a cure. This is from director Neil Marshall, whose last two films -- The Descent and Dog Soldiers -- I loved. The Mad Max influence is obvious, but it also brings to mind all the Italian-made Mad Max knock-offs from the 80s, of which there were so many that they became a genre unto themselves. There's also a fair amount of Escape From New York evident here, and our heroine Rhona Mitra (pictured above) recalls Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld movies. I'm getting lots of deja vu here, with nothing really striking me as original. I'll probably see this based on Marshall's credentials, but the trailer doesn't sell me. Here's Scott's take.

Baby Mama
Tina Fey plays a successful business woman who wants a baby, and she hires a working class woman played by Amy Poehler to be her surrogate. Between Knocked Up, Juno and Waitress, it's been a big year for pregnancy comedies, and I have to wonder if Hollywood has gone to the well once too often with this one. I loved Fey and Poehler on Saturday Night Live, and Fey's 30 Rock is a riot, but this trailer isn't grabbing me. Like Doomsday, if I see this one, it will be on the basis of the reputation of the people involved and not the preview. Here's Erik's take.